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The Future Of Business Is Cloud Services- Don’t Be Left Behind!

The Future of Business is Cloud Services- Don’t be left behind!

The Future of Business is Cloud Services- Don’t be left behind! 

It is another Monday morning in Lagos, except for *Tunde Jinadu, CEO of Bright Touch Inc., Nigeria’s top Integrated Marketing solutions company. As others are preparing for another work week of wins, trials and ‘trust this meets you well’, Tunde is scrambling hard to call an emergency brainstorm for his team. Today, the 50 million NGN pitch they had been chasing for months is due, but the team has lost its pitch documents and other supporting research in one fell swoop. Freak power surge over the weekend had damaged their entire IT infrastructure & onsite backups and just like that, all their files and data, gone!  


The fact is if Mr. Jinadu had utilized cloud services like Microsoft 365, he won’t have been running helter-skelter to hurriedly put together another pitch ahead of his meeting today. What he would have enjoyed instead was enhanced collaboration and improved efficiency. Indeed, when you store everything easily, securely, and affordably in the cloud, you don’t need to use up precious office real estate and energy with onsite network servers and backups. Simply, storing everything easily, securely, and affordably in the cloud will bring your business into the modern digital era. In a nutshell, cloud-based data storage allows you to manage your files from anywhere and store backups in real-time.  

Don’t be like Tunde Jinadu. Operating in the cloud is a reality for many businesses whether they like it or not. Aware and upwardly mobile businesses are all leading the charge. ICIT Solutions recognizes that the future is cloud and is committed to providing IT assistance to your business to prevent all forms of loss, as we position you to do more with less.  

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*Tunde Jinadu and Bright Touch are all fictional created to portray the blog’s key points and if they resemble any real business, it’s purely coincidental. 

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