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What You Need To Know About Business Automation

What you need to know about Business Automation

According to a survey report by McKinsey, approximately 49% of businesses in the world are currently automating their business processes, and more than half of B2B companies (55%) have already adopted the technology. 67% of the respondents (who were predominantly business owners and entrepreneurs) said implementing digital and software solutions would be key to remaining competitive in today’s world.

So, what is this Business Automation and why all the fuss?

In simple terms, business automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to increase productivity and efficiency, minimize costs and streamline processes.

Today’s companies need technology to function. Without it, businesses cannot compete and succeed. Without automation, most processes can become quite chaotic and result in endless paperwork, missing out on some tasks, employee dissatisfaction and low productivity. Meanwhile, applying business process automation will ensure smooth transitions from one task to the next, keeping relevant employees in the loop and providing visibility into the status of the processes. Some factors that point out the need for automation include:

  •  Large volume of tasks
  •  Multiple people needed to execute tasks
  • Time-sensitive nature of such tasks
  •  Significant impact on other processes and systems
  •  Need for compliance and audit trails

If an activity meets some or all the criteria listed above, it’s very likely you need to automate that business process. To help you see things more clearly, here are some commonly automated processes in successful organizations:

  •  E-mail and push notifications

  •  Helpdesk support

  •  Data aggregation and migration

  •  Backup and restoration

  •  Employee leave requests

  •  Procurement
  •  Call center processes
  •  Sales orders
  •  Time and attendance tracking
  • Payroll

  •  Invoicing


  • Collections
  •  Product launches

product launch

  • Lead nurturing

Automating these processes in your business saves you time, resources and reduces cost on hiring more manpower amongst other things; allowing you focus more on the business and closing deals.

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